To make visible the more intimate and escaping emotions - To give to these emotions a body and one light through the art, for the art. Rita Fava is the author of intense works, evocative and personal works.

Quite and calm mantles full of snow, rich history hills, old hovels, grain fields and poppies. The essence of one earth, our earth, immortalized in a burlap where to get lost it is always possible.

Formed to the Institute of Art Gazzola of Piacenza , she was student of great masters among which Luciana Donà and Carl He shocks, she exposes for the first time in 1974.

Since then, her dowries and her style are in continuous evolution, in a way towards the inner search.

Appreciated from years from famous art reviews like Nello Bagarotti and Mario Ghilardi, Rita occupies now a position of relief in the artistical outline piacentino.

Her works could be admired in September, during the Fair of the Stall to Roveleto di Cadeo (PC), in the Communal Palace and in December, in occasion of the literary prize anniversary that takes place to Hotel Le Ruote.


a cluster of our grape